Soccer History Around The World

August Gammie

Soccer in Argentina
One Country where soccer is not just apart of some people’s lives but is apart of every ones life, and a huge part of their culture is Argentina. This sport has been played in Argentina about 120 years, Fútbol Argentino is the Argentinian FA, and they were founded in 1893. The sport has been around in this country for a long time but why is it so popular there? People say that it’s the only integrating space in Argentina, and it vigorously drives the patriotic and aids in the creation of the concept of the Patria. Head professor of the course "Popular and Massive Culture" at the University of Buenos Aires, Pablo Alabarces says, “ soccer for Argentina has many circumstances in its favor: it is easy, inviting, universal, completely inclusive and democratic because it doesn’t ask anyone where they came from." In my research I also found that many articles said the soccer is not just popular in Argentina because it's a fun game but it is important for argentines culture, it brings them together you could even say the sport unifies them. As the quote I found from Pablo Alabarces say’s the sport does not ask any one where they came from, it seams the soccer helps put a stop and dampens racial problems in Argentina. This show that soccer really can do amazing things and can even change an entire counties culture for the better.
Argantina's soccer ball
The Brazilian supper stars
Then next country i will talk about is Brazil. when you think of Brazil the thought of soccer fallows close behind considering how popular it is there and how good they are at it. This country has won five world cups they have the most titles in the world. Brazil has been playing soccer for about 110 years about the same as Argentina, why is it so popular there. In Brazil Soccer is not just a sport; it’s a way of life, a passion that unites the whole country. When the national soccer team is playing, it does not matter if you’re poor or rich, live in the city or in the country, everyone stops to cheer their national soccer team. It helps unite their country and the people in it and it helps to have a team worth cheering for. Soccer in Brazil does all the same key things for the country as it does for Argentin.

Not just a sport but a Religion
next stop; Italy. Italy as every one knows has a great soccer program and soccer is very popular in their country. They have won 4 world cups only one win behind the leading team Brazil. Now why is soccer so popular there? Writer Jacob Campeau said, “Soccer in Italy is more than just a sport. It is religion. Soccer is just as much as Italian as pasta, wine, or vespas. It is interwoven into national history and is one of the few things that all Italians can agree on.” I couldn’t have said it any better my self, not many countries in the world have there defining moments and what everybody sees them as in sports. It may not seam that big to you, but it is, soccer in Italy is nothing short of a religion or way of life. “Every Italian could tell you a story about their youth, and most likely it would involve soccer. Fond child hood memories revisited might evoke images of school kids congregating on the local soccer pitch, where they would play for hours until the sun went down, and often into the darkness of night, as they searched for that elusive final goal.” Soccer has played apart in every person life in some way in Italy, you couldn't say that about any sport in the U.S.

English soccer
Now, most people know that English love soccer, but they look past the fact that it is more than love. Although the English only have one world title to their name soccer is still very near to all their hearts and has played a big part in every ones life. English Premier League Soccer is one of the most watched Leagues of soccer if not the most in the world. Every weak the stadiums of England are filled with thousands of fans and millions more sitting in their homes watching everywhere in the world in cluding my self. Soccer has been in England since 1863 it's a part of their history; they are born into watching soccer and playing it. They don't have many sports in England (about 5 popular and widely played sports including soccer) making another reason to watch or play the sport. There are 20 teams in the English league giving people a lot of teams to choose from to root for. There is nothing soccer doesn't have going for it in this country that is why it is so popular. Also there are always tournaments going on all over the world and England is in almost every one of them and who doesn’t want to see their country play another.

Celebration of brazil winning world cup world cup soccer ball 2010

The passion for soccer in Mexico started to bloom a few years prior to the first World Cup in 1930, with a professional championship being formed and the first national selection in the history of Mexican soccer history occurring in 1927. Most people know Mexican soccer as just the fast pace always excited and talking announcers that say gooooooooooooaaaaaaaalllll! When ever a team scores. The first ever international match in Mexico was played against Guatemala on their home ground and won 3 to 2 and it looked like they would have a bright start. But they had no foundation, as Mexico had one of the poorest World Cups in the entire Mexican soccer history in 1930, finishing last in the group stage, with nothing but losses. After that world cup a very poor period emerged in the history of Mexican soccer, on both local and international levels. Participating in 5 World Cups before 1970, Mexican soccer history recorded a single win in these tournaments, with the Central American team beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in 1962. Mexican soccer witnessed a slow ascendance, with better conditions for kids and professional soccer players, and with a great passion for the game. With that the Mexican soccer league got much better with children growing up playing more organized soccer and they are now a great soccer playing country.

THE holders of the cup. spain!
Next up is Spain. Sdpain is one of the top soccer playing countries in the world and also one the 2010 fifa world cup, but lets take a closer look at the history of the sport in this country. Following the example of the English, who formed their soccer organization in 1863, Spain set foot to creating one of their own, which was named the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 1909. In 1927, as soccer started growing on the international level, with the newly formed FIFA planning the first World Cup, Jose Maria Acha came up with the idea to create a national league in Spain, with all the top teams of the local championships. It took almost 1 year to settle all the details of this national league, but in 1928 the first La Liga tournament was finally played. 10 teams were picked to star in this league. Most of them were previous winners of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Cup. These clubs that went on to write the history of Spanish soccer were FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arenas Club de Getxo, Real Union, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Aviacion (Atletico Madrid), RCD Espanyol, CE Europa and Racing Santander. These are the most famous Spanish soccer teams, and they all contributed to make soccer the thriving sport it is in spain.
World cup soccer field in South Africa

German soccer
The history of German soccer is one of the longest around, but had one of the hardest times getting it the way it is now. German soccer was shook up by political factors surrounding the country, but still it emerged as one of the greatest in Europe. Before an official national team being formed, Germany had several amateur and semi-professional clubs playing in regional championships. Some selections from these teams were made at the beginning of the 20th century. The Germans weren’t to good in their early stages of playing soccer. They mostly played the English and almost every game was a complete lose. A national team was formed in 1908, but it was still lacking coordination and professionalism compared to the English side and the most conclusive example was the match between the two countries in 1909, which ended with a 9-0 victory that is still marked as the most severe one in the history of German soccer. With the two World Wars centering on the country, German soccer history has a large gap as most sportive activities were suspended. Between the wars, Germany managed to get together a good team for the 1934 World Cup. After things settled down a bit, the history of German soccer came back on its tracks and Germany started becoming a power in the game, especially through its national team. After that soccer only got better in germany as it became more organized and less interrupted by politics and war.
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